Qing Cui

Variety: OP Choisim Qing Cui 


Good heat tolerance, 28cm in length, oval-shaped leaves, short leaf stalk. Thick stem, above 1.5cm in diameter, shinning green. 28-30 days from sowing to harvest. Vigorous growth, less fiber, good quality and high yield.

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Variety: F1 Tomato GL-4


Indeterminate type, red fruit, 160-170gr each, ball shape, mid-late maturity, good for transportation and storage, not easy cracking, resistance to Septorial Blight, big leaf giving shelter to fruits.

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Ridge Gourd GL-1


Vigorousgrowth, good disease resistance, heat tolerance and high yield; big flowers, cylindricaland light green fruit, uniform, 35-1075px in length, 137.5px in diameter, approx.350gr each; fresh and sweet, good taste.